Saturday, October 29, 2005

Design 2006 Conference Dubrovnik

Design (or more Design Engineering) conference in Dubrovnik in Croatia. Topics amongst others Ecodesign and Sustainable Design. Deadline Full Papers December 15th (no abstracts needed).

IF material award

What makes a product successful? What ingredients go into the optimum solutions to everyday problems? How can continual innovation be fused with good design? Anyone who wants to be successful in today's competitive marketplace has to confront the issue of materials and composite materials. (more info)

Registration deadline January 5, 2006

Categories involve material applications, products, ideas and processes

What if...

What if IKEA explores sustainable design? Well, they did by asking 28 designers to come with a collection of products that use recycled materials and in some cases, enhacement of social conditions. The collection is called IKEA PS and you can browse it all and read the stories at their site.


To support designers who don’t make landfill!

The design show that is friendly to people and environment... (pdf)

Some snapshots from exhibition

During this september’s london design festival ( a really friendly interior products exhibitions ustainability, eco-friendly, renewable, climate-conscious,CSR, fairtrade - all buzzwords and hot topics of the moment.[re]design 05 brings together the most exciting, beautiful,innovative, friendly design for the domestic environment.
showcasing over 100 designs that are friendly to the individual, society and the environment. the criteria:
[re]duce – designs that minimize waste and raise awareness of resource use.
[re]source – designs using renewable natural materials, managed to ensure a sustainable long-term supply.
[re]make – designs that allow easy, cost-effective disassembly and re-use of parts at end of life.
[re]create – customized designs – encouraging a lasting bond between owner and object.
[re]spond – sociable designs which invite interaction with others.
[re]mind – designs given character by their history – reminding us to treasure what has lasted.
[re]use – designs making creative use of readymade objects and components.
[re]cycle – designs from reprocessed waste materials.
[re]claim – designs using waste materials in the raw.

Student Design Review

Entries are currently being accepted for I.D. magazine's 2006 Student Design Review.
(Deadline February 1, 2006)
I.D. magazine is searching for the best work from design schools around the world in four categories: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Design and Miscellaneous… (for more)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Disposable, eco-friendly footwear, ‘SOLEMATES’

In India, it is a tradition to remove the footwear when you enter a house or building. As a host it is a good gesture to offer visitors footwear that is worn only indoors. Solemates is disposable footwear made from recycled newsprint and ...(read more)


During the Dutch Design Week, Lift-Off presented the work of several designers with innovative proposals. Amongst them, this paperbol made out of 500 pages of paper.

Sustainable materials: bamboo and rattan

Everything you ever wanted to know about bamboo and rattan can be found on especially in the 'outreach' section

Portal for ‘Sustainable Netherlands’

Are you looking for a product to make your lifestyle healthier and sustainable? Are you looking for background information on sustainable products and services? claims to be the route-card for the world of sustainability! (All information in Netherlands)

Japan Energy Design Contest

In this design competition the main theme is: Energy, Sustainable and enjoyable life. The perfect combination for the D4S people!

The term for sending in is from 1-31 october 2005. The only thing you have to send is 5 pictures of your design!

With the International Design Competition 2005, JDF will continue its efforts to link designers with business/industrial communities. To further its contribution to the development of the business/industrial communities, JDF will work to create even more opportunities for business talks between designers and manufacturers and to develop systems to investigate the commercialization of entered works. Rather than merely organizing a design competition, JDF will place its priority on the commercialization of entered works and ultimately on the creation of new businesses.

Grand Prize :(1) US$15,000
Gold Prize : (1) US$10,000
Silver Prize : (2) US$3,000
Bronze Prize : (2) US$1,500

ThemesMain theme: E N E R G Y– Sustainable and Enjoyable Life –

Sub-theme1: LivingwareUsing new technologies and employing new light, heat and power sources to livingware, such as lighting equipment, heaters and home appliances, we can enrich our daily lives, while at the same time reducing environmental impact. JDF expects to receive many innovative ideas that will make daily life more sustainable and enjoyable.

Sub-theme 2: Living AtmosphereCurrently, various types of energy sources are used to maintain a comfortable environment in our living and working spaces. On the other hand, excessive energy use causes various challenges.To create and sustain comfortable living space, we need innovative ideas and designs featuring solar power technologies, renewable resources and eco-friendly materials.

Sub-theme 3: Living EnvironmentAt public spaces where people get together, there are many energy-related challenges. The energy issue is deeply related to deforestation, air pollution and other environmental problems; safety and maintenance of social systems and disaster prevention.To resolve various energy-related problems, community-based collective approaches should be taken. In this regard, the organizer expects to receive proposals for new business models of community-based energy circulation, which will address energy problems and ultimately lead to a new community business.

A case study in Green Design

It is a case study of interior design of a store called Earth general store. Everything in here is claimed green! check it out.

Rethink Reuse Recycle

Creating products using discarded existing products instead of using raw materials typically used in the manufacturing process. Check out the results from this unique competition held in Mexico by ID students of Tec de Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

INDEX awards

Denmark's new INDEX: awards go beyond aesthetics to include smart products and ideas that improve living conditions around the world

Monday, October 24, 2005

People Profit Planet

P+ is an online People Profit Planet magazine with an weekly update. Subscribe at:
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Creative Sustainability is currently offering an expo-shop during the Dutch Design Week


The Treehugger web-site publishes everyday a range of sustainable products. If you are looking for examples or inspriration.... take a look at their site.

Student Contest: Designing a Sustainable Future

Projects entering the “Designing a Sustainable Future” contest should foster the sustainable mindset of design. The contest welcomes all creative entries that combine high-quality design with a distinct contribution to the goal of sustainable need-fulfilment. Priority value is assigned to environmental, economical and social benefits throughout the life cycle of the proposed design. First Prize €2500. For more information:

Shell Bachelor Master Prize

Shell/ TU Delft Bachelor Master Prize
You can win €2500 within the this competition if your final thesis is related to energy and sustainability. For more information see: