Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bamboo Information Sources for Students

Bamboo Information Sources
Posted by Pablo van der Lugt
December 21, 2005

Books and magazines

A lot of good information can also be downloaded from
The TU Delft as a affiliate can log in to download all information in pdf, this is for students and TU Delft staff only. Contact me for the inlog data.

In the library of the TU Eindhoven/ architecture there is a lot of bamboo literature available

For further sources I refer to:
to execute a search on your own, especially Google Scholar is recommended.

Several CD ROMS published by reliable sources (UNIDO, GTZ, NID, etcetera) are available in my cupboard at DfS which can be copied by students

Bamboo internet sources; Some good starting points (also check out their links):

Building & Construction

RWTH Aachen

Product development and Socio Economic development

National Institute of Design, India, Prof MP Ranjan

Guadua (Latin American Species)

European funded Guadua Project

Bamboo in general (broad scope)

International Network for Bamboo and Rattan:
Contact me for the TU Delft login data (TU Delft is an INBAR member)

World Bamboo Organisation

Environmental Bamboo Foundation

Bamboo Thematic Network

Some interesting bamboo products:

Snowboards and skis
1000 examples

E groups
Biggest bamboo discussion egroup (you can easily become a member)


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